Strategic and Holistic Media Planning & Buying

There are a lot of “rights” in media planning and buying: right message, right person, right time, right budget, right response.  But you need to start with the first “right” - the right partner.

At the Dobro Group we combine our belief in GOOD with your “rights.” We bring fresh ideas, new opportunities and the energy it takes to execute a successful media plan and buy.  Following our five step process, our partners enjoy a robust media strategy to hit goals, a clear plan, strong buying power of our network and media partners, and delivery of outstanding results. 

Simply put, we make your media planning and buying a positive experience, rather than the pain point it is currently.

Our five step process:

Strategy & Investment in: Video, Audio, Out of Home, & Digital

Out of Home

Eye-catching and memorable, billboards, transit ads, wall displays and so much more, Out of Home media is a highly effective method with about half of people seeing an ad ultimately research the brand. From precision placement to seamless programmatic coverage, we balance the art of the medium with the science and strategy to build immersive awareness campaigns.


The combination of active searchers, extensive demographic information to target with, near real-time and ability to track results make search, social and display advertising a must in today’s world. We can target all levels of your funnel, from researchers to purchasers / converters in different and dynamic ways.


The average person spends about four and a half hours watching television per day. It is a captive audience, where you are able to show your product/service sight, sound, and motion as well as be creative, gaining instant trust. And it can be an avenue for maximum reach.


From celebrity endorsements to custom feature sponsorships to premium placement, our holistic approach to audio encompasses terrestrial, satellite, streaming, and podcast outlets to offer targeted messaging to reach your audiences and connect with consumers.


Print readers have a longer attention span and are 65% more likely to research a brand after seeing a newspaper ad. And print advertising is still the #1 trusted ad type. Print advertising also has less noise, particularly over digital where dozens of ads can distract people versus a single or a few additional ads in print.


With more target options than broadcast television, cable can hone in on a particular niche audience in a smaller geographic area and provide more opportunities on frequency of showing the ad. Plus, cable has the ability to show ads within relevant shows, reaching audiences interested in the product or service.

Strategic Brand Partnerships

From high impact sports and entertainment sponsorships to turnkey promotional execution, our team works as an extension of your brand marketing team to deliver best in class, custom crafted innovative marketing solutions. From ideation through execution and fulfillment, our team lives for a great activation to bring brands to life!

Influencer Marketing

We navigate a holistic approach to influencer marketing, weaving your influencer strategy into the larger marketing picture. From local market radio and TV talent to micro and macro influencers to celebrity endorsements, content licensing, and more, we activate influencers to leverage brand equity and create opportunities for your brand to connect with consumers.

Target & Audience Development

Rooted in research, our team utilizes premium resources and industry tools coupled with expertise across a wide array of categories to develop dynamic audiences and targets, expanding beyond buying demos to get to the core of the customer - attitudes, values, motivations, purchase drivers, and interests.

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