Ani Johnson

Principal & Founder

For the last 15 years Ani has worked in big and small marketing & media agencies, in television and on the brand side. This well rounded set of experiences has given her a unique tool box and has developed her diverse skill set. From retail to education, home improvement, manufacturing, B2B, CPG & dining and entertainment, Ani has a proven track record of being very knowledgeable, attentive, efficient, creative and most importantly, fun to work with. She loves what she does and it shows. Starting The Dobro Group has been a true passion project for her and has allowed her to pay homage to her Croatian roots. When she isn’t working to achieve goals for our clients, you’ll find Ani hanging out in Downers Grove, IL with her husband, three kids and black lab mutt.

Plus a qualified & talented team

Dobro has a deep bench of strategic associates, all bringing a unique set of professional experience to the table to create a unified team of creative thinkers and utility players. Our team understands the power of brands to meaningfully connect with their audience and bring some dobro into the world as well. We value your money like it's our own and work to provide the most comprehensive, immersive brand marketing programs to rise above the clutter and deliver measurable, impactful results.

Our Trusted Partners

Our go-to's for support in graphic & motion design, web development, SEO, content, and PR.

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